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Ada Singkil Di Filipina

Color Carnival: Singkil, a Muslim Dance

A big part of our cultural heritage is a rich hodgepodge of dances. Mindanao, which is the third major island in the archipelago, and is home to the largest cultural minority in the country, the Muslims, is host to many of these captivating dances.

Their dances are famous for royalty and enchanting beauty.

Below are pictures of SINGKIL, a dance of the Maranao tribe, which originates from Lanao, Mindanao. There's this epic about a princess who was caught in an earthquake in the middle of the forest. The person behind her is her slave. The person holding an umbrella is a waiting lady. She is rescued by a prince after a long ordeal.

Singkil derives its name from the bells on her ankles. The criss-crossing bamboos represent the falling trees.

Dancers wear a solemn face and keep a dignified pose during the dance, and proceed from a slow to a faster tempo, as witnessed from the movements of the apir, or fans, which signify the winds. To this day, royal princesses in the Sulu Archipelago are required to learn this elegant and noble dance.

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